Things Manufactured From Cannabis Plants

Along with using cannabis seeds in manufacturing various types of medicines, the plants of its other varieties can also be used in manufacturing various other types of products. For instance, Hemp can be used to manufacture a range of things including paper and cloth etc. The cannabis manufacturing can help in producing a number of items like:

Foods and drinks:

Being rich source of protein Hemp seeds are also used for making a variety of meals as well as drinks like sprouted foods, tea and hemp milk etc. it can also be used in baking as well as its fresh leaves can be used in salad. It can also be used in manufacturing frozen waffles, cereals, hemp tofu, nut butter and hemp milk ice cream at commercial level.   Clothes:

The plant of hemp can also be used for making fiber for manufacturing various types of clothing and fabric in China since long. The demand of hemp clothes has increased all over the world during last few years. This fabric is used for making sports clothing due to its tough texture.   Construction supplies:

The plants of cannabis are also used these days in manufacturing lighter, stronger and environment friendly concrete known as Hempcrete. The strong and durable fiber of hemp plants can be used for creating breathable and durable homes as a replacement of wood.   Ropes:

The fiber of hemp can also be used in making ropes due to its durability and texture. It can also be used in making cords due to its stretchable strength. Earlier it was used to make canvas for sailing.


The paper from hemp plants was initially known to be made nearly 2000 years back. Though hemp is a sustainable and quickly renewable source of pulp for making paper still it is not used for making paper at commercial level due to its high processing cost.


Hemp and cannabis can also be used in making certain type of eco-friendly plastic as it can be degraded and recycled easily as compared to the plastics manufactured traditionally. Practically this plastic can be used to make any item including CD cases, soda can, furniture, car parts and lining for shower curtains etc.


The strings of hemp plants can also be used for making various types of jewelry items like necklaces and anklets etc. to decorate you at any special occasion. They use an old technique known as Macrame for knotting various types of patterns without using needles and hooks.   Fuel:

Hemp is also used for making a kind of biodiesel that can be used as fuel in various types of industries. The seeds and stalks of hemp can also be used in making various types of bio-fuels.

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